Xavier Mathieu

Technical and Asset Manager of Ajman Sewerage Concession (ASPCL)

Xavier Mathieu is an Engineer with 28 years of experience in water and wastewater, construction and operation, either for Public Authorities or for Industries. After his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology, France, Xavier hold several positions in the world leading environmental company ranging from Engineering, Project Management, Consulting to Business Development. His wide expertise covers the full range of services in the water industry. Currently Technical and Asset Manager of Ajman Sewerage Concession (ASPCL), a Public-Private Partnership, Xavier is focusing on Master Planning, Infrastructure Investments required to cope with the growth of the city, improvement of the performance of the Concession and re-use of the Treated Effluent and by-products.

Keynote Speech Abstract

A step to combat Climate Change and improve sustainability: Production of green electricity at Ajman WWTP

The presentation will review the various ways that a WWTP could be seen as a factory, ultimate stage in the combat of Climate Change and improvement of Sustainability. It will highlight the hurdles to reach that stage and explain the step taken by Ajman Sewerage to produce green electricity at Ajman WWTP.